Dolly's Cleaning Service

“We understand how essential a clean, tidy and healthy home or workplace is and this is reflected in our professionalism and care when servicing our clients”

Dollvyn Van Luyn
Founder, Dolly’s Cleaning Service Perth

Efficient - Professional - Reliable

Our Story

Dolly’s Cleaning Service Perth (DCS) provide a full range of services in both the commercial and residential spaces.

We offer a comprehensive clean that guarantees to revivify and breathe life into your spaces. We’re attentive to the hard-to-reach or neglected places and we guarantee the highest level of professionalism and reliability.

We offer clients confidence that you will get the best clean for your home, office or venue so you can enjoy it in the highest comfort and cleanliness

Dolly's Cleaning Service

Why Choose Us

Experienced Staff

Professional and Experienced staff ready to help you anytime.

Natural Products

We only use natural products in the process, No harmful chemicals are used.

Fast Service

Schedule your services and get a faster, more efficient clean.

Dolly's Cleaning Service

Our Philosophy

We believe in providing service excellence and a high degree of detailing in our cleaning practices to best meet client expectations.

To achieve this we;

Invest in our people

DCS provides 1 to 1 training during our induction period of 4-6 weeks with a team leader or manager, and then buddy up our team members so skill transfer happens more easily.

Create a feedback-rich culture

We believe feedback is the breakfast of champions and an essential part of continuous improvement, as referred to in our Frequently Asked Questions;

“Our mindset is that constructive feedback is an opportunity to learn and make needed corrections to improve. We encourage feedback to help us understand your preferences more quickly, so you’ll be a satisfied customer”

Use cutting-edge technology

DCS invests into modern technology to ensure more effectiveness and efficiency across its operations including; improved service, reporting, communication, inventory management and financial record keeping.

Product development

DCS has proactively developed its own cleaning product range to best provide consistency to clients, team members and customer needs.

Practice leadership by example

Our management team consistently engage in the front line with our delivery team. DCS is not a them and us type organisation.